Thai teenagers addicted to sex, gambling, and mobile phone

Thai teenagers at nightclub in Bangkok.

Thai teenagers at nightclub in Bangkok.

Culture Minister, Teera Slukpetch, states that Thai teenagers were addicted to mobile phones, gambling, sex, and fashion without interest in morality, art and culture, and the sufficiency of the economy.

Mr Teera said during the special seminar on art and culture toward educational management that, the core value of Thai teenagers and children had extremely changed over the past few years due to their addiction of mobile phones, gambling, sex-related issues, and fashion, causing them to have an unethical mind, ignoring art and culture. He further added that the society is full of voluptuousness, extravagance, and materialistic minds, resulting in the lack of self reliance among the new generation people.

In addition, Mr Teera was concerned over the fact that many teenagers rather adopted Korean culture than their own culture, while stating that Thai’s teenagers could not protect themselves from an influx of foreign culture due to the poor education standards. He insisted that everyone in the society must coordinate in solving such problems.