Planet Ocean exhibition in Bangkok carries important message

Planet Ocean exhibition in Bangkok carries important message

2009 marks the 6th consecutive year for the annual French Cultural Festival ‘La Fête 2009’ in Bangkok. As part of the festival which runs until October, various exhibitions and shows are on offer. One of these, ‘Planet Ocean: Voyage to the Heart of the Marine Realm’ was launched on Friday to coincide with World Environment Day. It’s one of the festival’s highlights, in which the mysterious beauty of marine life is unveiled.

Occupying over 75% of the earth, the undersea world’s natural richness is still very much a secret, despite scientists having confirmed the oceans as having been the source of all living creatures.

Yet, the list of damages man is imposing upon the sea and its myriad inhabitants – like global warming, pollution, and over fishing – is extensive.
With his passion and devotion to the marine environment, Palme d’Or-award-winning photographer and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta hopes his audience will appreciate the marine world’s values and be aware of the indispensability of this ‘world beneath the waves’.

“It’s very close related to us. It links to our own survival, and when you start to understand that and take so pleasure, I mean, our pleasure to make the photo. I think that’s the beginning of the respect and of the conservation,” said Laurent Ballesta, a marine biologist and photographer.

With the oceans holding our past and stating our future, scientists remind us sustainable exploitation of marine resources is a major challenge which must be addressed.

Ballesta’s beautiful shots have appeared in numerous exhibitions across Europe over the past 3 years. They carry a significant message and are now being exhibited in Asia for the first time in the ‘Planet Ocean’ exhibition with the aim of raising awareness in this part of the globe of the critical need to protect the oceans.

“Sometimes, I’m afraid that people think ocean is just seafood. It’s not just seafood. It’s so many other sources of happiness, you know,” said
Laurent Ballesta, a marine biologist and Photographer.

All forms of nature should be respected, as this helps man live in harmony with the natural world. For those interested in exploring more of the under-water world, the ‘PLANET OCEAN: Voyage to the Heart of the Marine Realm by Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp’ is now on display at Bangkok’s Zen Department Store until 12 August.