Bif! Bil! Kapow! leather and fashion show

the Bangkok International Fashion Fair

It sounds like the soundtrack to the old Batman TV series, but it’s the year’s best leather and fashion show, starting on Thursday

The strength of Thailand’s fashion and leather industry will be on view Thursday through Sunday at the good old Bif and Bil – the Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair.

And running in conjunction with the event in the Challenger halls of Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani will be a “Fashion Full Stop” show by Asean Fashion Plus, with contributions from all 10 Southeast Asian countries.

You can attend seminars and catch up on researchers’ latest innovations in textiles and garments.

These include anti-bacterial fabrics made from polyester mixed with coconut charcoal powder, and there’s cloth that keeps away dust mites, bed sheets coated in herbs and jackets that run on solar power and monitor your heart rate.

The brightest spotlight will be on fashion design, both on the runway and in the Designers’ Room 2009 exhibition, where outfits are grouped according to potential and marketing prospects.

The “New” group is 20 newcomers with a few years’ experience, including the brands Danaiya, the Kiss Principle and Phil. “Now” has 32 young designers who have their own brands and up to eight years’ experience, like Pietra and Pna.

“Next” is 12 veterans with established brands, among them Klar, 388, T-ra, Olanor and Koya.

All this plus Thai Tex Trends, the Thai Designer Zone, Fashion Network to USA, the Exotic African Project and the Commerce Ministry’s Southern Culture & Fashion Project, which backs entrepreneurs in the five southernmost provinces. Daily Xpress