Chiang Mai Zoo gains more income by 150% after Lin Ping´s birth

Lin Ping panda name in Thailand

The little panda, Lin Ping help increase more income to Chiang Mai Zoo by 150%.

Deputy Director of Chiang Mai Zoo Ms Jaruwan Chingchai revealed that after three months of the little panda’s birth, the ticket income for seeing pandas increased by 151.78% from the first quarter of this year, while the number of tourists increased by 70.09% from the first quarter. The entrance ticket income increased by 39.75%, which did not include the special price ticket.

Head of the panda display project in Thailand Mr.Prasertsak Boontrakoonpoonthawee said that Lin Ping was 90 days old now. It was healthy and weighed 6,500 grams. Regarding the 100 days celebration according to the Chinese tradition, he had discussed with the relevant people and reached a conclusion that the name of the celebration would be changed from Chinese name to a Thai name.