Jurin earnest to upgrade Thai universities to world’s top ranking

Thai universities

Education Minister Jurin Laksanawisit has planned to propel more Thai universities to be enlisted in the World’s Top 500 Universities and to provide 12 billion baht for driving forward the National Research University Project.

Mr Jurin yesterday chaired an MOU signing ceremony between the Office of the Higher Education Commission and the rectors of 9 universities that had been selected as the National Research Universities. During his speech in the ceremony, he encouraged the university heads and the people working in the academic field to help develop the educational quality of the country.

The Education Minister pointed out that, according to the survey by the Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment, 50 fields of study offered in the country were found to be substandard while only 7 universities in Thailand were currently on the list of the World’s Top 500 Universities. He stressed that it was important for all courses to meet the standards and for more Thai universities to be included in the world’s top ranking.

In terms of the 9 National Research Universities, Mr Jurin stated that they had the capability of conducting researches that were internationally accepted. Therefore, he said budgets would be allocated to them to do researches and create new fields of knowledge, which would be publicized to the world later on.

The Education Minister explained that 12 billion baht had been prepared for the scheme, 9 billion baht to support researches of the 9 universities and 3 billion baht to support 69 other universities in the country that were interested in doing researches.