Lin Ping can recognize its name now

Lin Ping panda name in Thailand

Lin Ping can now recognize its acquired name and respond accordingly.

Head of panda research in Thailand, Mr.Prasertsak Boontrakoonpoontavee, said that panda Lin Ping could recognized its name. After the staff called its name, the panda would respond by moving its ears and turning its face to the voice both on the right and on the left. It started to crawl to the staff when called, but its mother Lin Hui was still concerned and did not allow the little panda to be too far from her.

Lin Ping and Lin Hui now play together and call each other. They seemed very happy, said Mr. Prasertsak.

He said that currently the young panda spent 10 minutes consuming milk, and that staff are happy to have Lin Hui raise its panda cub naturally without giving it supplements. (NNT)