Major Cineplex publicizes movie rating

Major Cineplex

Major Cineplex Group publicizes movie ratings after it has been in effect since August 12.

According to a ministerial announcement issued in accordance with the Movie and Video Act 2007, the Culture Ministry requires cinema and theaters to restrict audience viewing according to ratings, which has seven levels:

  • Rate 1 is for the movie, which is promoted for learning and watching.
  • Rate 2 is for general people.
  • Rate 3 is suitable for at least 13-year-old audience
  • Rate 4 is suitable for at least 15-year-old
  • Rate 5 is suitable for at least 18-year-old
  • Rate 6 is suitable for at least 20-year-old
  • Rate 7 is prohibited to be on screen in the country.

The company has posted rating types at many places for public relations such as the movie ticket office, movie programs showcase, movie posters, movie stands, and via the website :, while the theater’s staff also announce and check identification cards of the audience at the ticket counter.