Thailand cuts gold medal targets in Olympic Games

gold medal Olympic Games

Thailand cut gold medal targets from the Olympic Games 2010 to 7 medals and the Olympic Games 2014 to 15 medals, while expecting to get 19 medals from Asian Games 2010 and 190 medals from 25th SEA Games.

Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sport Dr. Sasithara Pichaicharnnarong today chaired the strategic plan meeting for promoting sports. After the meeting she revealed that the Minister of Tourism and Sport Mr. Chumpol Silpa-archa had ordered the postponement of the plan implementation from this year to next year in order to match with the budget.

Meanwhile the medal targets were set for the Asian Games and SEA Games including the games of the handicapped because previously the medal targets were only set for the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.

Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of the Olympic Committee of Thailand Maj. Gen. Jaruk Ariratchakaran revealed that Thailand cut its medal target for the London Olympic Games 2012 from 9 gold medals to 7 gold medals. They would be 2 from boxing, 2 from weightlifting, 1 from shooting, 1 from clay shooting and 1 from taekwando.

The gold medal target for Olympic Games 2016 was cut from 18 to 15. 3 from boxing, one of which would be expected from womens boxing, 3 from weightlifting, 1 from shooting, 1 from clay shooting, 1 from taekwondo, 1 from tennis, 1 from badminton, 1 from athletics, 1 from long jump, 1 from wrestling, 1 from yacht racing and 1 from golf.

At the Asian Games 2010 in Guang Zhou, China, Thailand expected to get 19 gold medals and to be ranked fourth among participating countries after China, South Korea, and Japan. In the next Asian Games 2014 in Inchon, South Korea, Thailand expects to get 25 gold medals, ranking third after China and the host country, South Korea.

For the SEA Games, Thailand expects to be a champion in every SEA Games. At the 25th SEA Games in Laos this year Thailand expects to gain 190 gold medals out of the total of 383. (NNT)