Monkey mangroves at Koh Sirey, Phuket, Thailand

Monkey mangroves at Ko Sirey

Monkey mangroves at Ko Sirey

With a large number of monkeys on Koh Sirey Island, the Rasada Municipality is now planning to develop proper facilities for both the monkeys and the people.

Almost a hundred of these monkeys or crab-eating macaques live among these mangroves along Klong Tha Chine canal beside Thepprathan Road in Koh Sirey Island just east of Phuket City and every afternoon the monkeys come out and look for food. This area became a recreational site for families who usually come with fruits like bananas, rambutans and others to feed them.

Whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do, it’s still entertaining and relaxing for children to spend time with their parents. The Rasada Municipality, which is responsible for this area, is planning to develop the (200 rai) mangrove forest to be a eco-tourism site, a new educational area for people to observe monkey behaviors and help preserve the mangrove and natural ecological system.

According to the plan, the project will comprise building a bridge and boardwalks to the mangroves for monkey feeding, with a net to stop them going on the road and also reduce risks for the creatures who sometimes get hit by passing vehicles. Other facilities include building a shelter pavilion for visitors who come to learn about ecology and public utilities to serve visitors.

The Rasada Mayor, Mr. Surathin Leanudom, said the project requires around 60 million baht and it is now seeking support from central government and related agencies to push for the project. NBT