Andrographis “Fa Thalai Chon” a herb to fight fever

Andrographis or Fa Thalai Chon in Thai

Andrographis or Fa Thalai Chon in Thai

Herbs are wisdom of ancestors to use in early days. But nowadays people rarely know their properties and turn to conventional medicines. In fact herbs such as Andrographis can even protect us from fever.

Andrographis or Fa Thalai Chon in Thai is an erect annual herb. It is extremely bitter in taste in every part of the plant. The genus Andrographis consists of 28 species of small annual shrubs essentially distributed in tropical Asia. Only a few species are medicinal, of which A. paniculata is the most popular.

Phakakrong Kwankhao, Pharmacist of Chao praya Abhaibhubej Hospital said that earlier, people use Andrographis to reduce temperature when they had a fever.

Pharmacist Phakakrong recommended that people should not use Andrographis for a long period of time even though no side effects had been reported. But Andrographis could reduce body temperature.

Pharmacist Phakakrong advised that during the pandemic of H1N1 out break, Andrographis is the best option to prevent ourselves from the flu. If medicines are used to cure symptoms of common colds, results can be the lack of response to the treatment.