Contemporary photography by Georges Rousse

photography Georges Rousse

As part of the annual French cultural festival, La Fête 2009, a visionary French artist and photographer visited Thailand for his first exhibition in the kingdom. Having developed powerful work by blending painting, drawing, sculpture and architecture since the 1980s, he transforms deserted spaces before they are destroyed.

Inspired by abandoned spaces, Georges Rousse has created his works of image to look like overlays of colour. Each photo is only viewable in its intended and precise focus.

Produced by his own technique he used when there was no Photoshop, Georges draws and paints all his designs onto the real deserted spaces before taking a photo, so the painted parts assemble to produce the illusion of a flat design floating on the picture’s surface.

The charm of the virtual-looking forms is accentuated by natural lights, which make the imperfect floating designs perfect and original.

Commenting on his contemporary photography, Georges said abandoned places were the root of his inspiration.

“All the places produced in my art did or will finally disappear, and I want to give them another life. And this life, it’s me who gives it by drawing or painting forms in the space of those places,” the contemporary artist said.

Georges added, by his installation, the forms painted or the production of his intervention in the space, were not only turned into a piece of art, but also could serve as a souvenir and memory for all.

Georges Rousse’s Photography exhibition is on daily until July 5 at Bangkok’s The River Promenade, opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.