Muay Thai studies proving successful for graduates, postgraduates

Muay Thai / Photo:

Muay Thai / Photo:

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, has become increasingly popular overseas. As a degree is required for those who want to become a Muay Thai trainer abroad, the ‘Muay Thai Study’ programme was set up in Ratchaburi province west of Bangkok, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

Muay Thai Study and Thai Traditional Medicine College, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University is the first in Thailand to offer Muay Thai Study courses, from a Bachelor’s degree to PhD levels.

The successful programmes have drawn much attention from foreigners. Current Pakistani ambassador to Thailand, Ahmed Amjad Ali, and his family recently visited the College to check out the programme.

The College has passed on the knowledge of Thai boxing to people in many countries, in order to promote and preserve this cultural heritage.

“We usually send our students to intern abroad. Now, we’ve managed to allocate scholarships for a certain number of students. They’ll make a reputation for our country, and the value in themselves will be added,” said Asst. Prof. Charnchai Yomdit, Director of Muay Thai Study & Thai Traditional Medicine College.

Up until present, Muay Thai has been shared on almost every continent. Boxing camps worldwide have been set up for Muay Thai practice and competitions.

Former Muay Thai boxers from Thailand have travelled abroad to become trainers and many countries require them to have direct academic qualifications.

The ‘Muay Thai Study’ programmes in Ratchaburi are designed to help and promote graduates who can use their education as a credit when looking to be employed overseas.

“If you at least have a Bachelor of Arts in Muay Thai, you can become a successful coach. Like me, for example, I’m qualified with my degree as well as guaranteed by my champion awards,” said Charnchai S. Thamarangsi, a Muay Thai Student and a five-time champion.

“There are many things I’ve gained from the courses. I can pass on my knowledge anywhere where people are interested in Muay Thai,” said Jaran Noilam, a Muay Thai student.

Thai boxing is a type of martial art praised for its beautiful gestures and this is considered one of the most dangerous.

In the past, Muay Thai was deemed a sport for the underprivileged. However, many Muay Thai boxers from Thailand have nowadays graduated with degrees in all different majors.

As Thai boxing coaches are in high demand abroad, so professional boxers with a degree in Muay Thai have an advantage in securing training positions.