AOT joins hands with i-access and AIS to offer “Access flight info of every airline on mobile phone”

AOT launches the service 'Airports Flight Info'

AOT launches the service 'Airports Flight Info'

It is to provide people and travelers with convenient and quick access to accurate flight information via AIS based mobile phones anytime and anywhere, together with the debut of Airports Flight Info SIM, a special SIM card designed for air travel business operators, to enhance management potentials, support country’s aviation business and lift Thai airport operations to international standard.

Serirat Prasutanond, President of AOT, disclosed “The AOT’s main policy is to develop management business and operate the respective airports with excellent services and international standard facilities in order to support country development, benefit service users and continually generate fair returns to business alliances, air transportation industry and employees. In particular, such wireless technology as mobile phones has been applied to facilitate the information infrastructure for aviation business as the additional information distribution channel and alternative to access information in response to today’s people lifestyle which is always on the move.

Lately, the AOT, in corporation with I-ACCESS and AIS, develops “Airports Flight Info” to accommodate people, passengers and personnel related to aviation, traveling and transportation business with access to flight information of the worldwide airlines landing on the airports operated by the AOT including Don Muang Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Rai Airport, Hat Yai Airport, Phuket Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport via AIS mobile phones instantly, anywhere and anytime. The available information includes flight schedules, check in counter numbers, boarding gates and carousel numbers. Importantly, the information is accurate to the flight information screens of each airport. AOT will first launch the service in the Suvarnabhumi Airport, followed by the other airports soon.”

Nirandra Theeranartsin, General Manager of Suvarnabhumi Airport, unveiled “As the Suvarnabhumi Airport places the policy on improving and developing facilities within the airport in an effort to achieving world’s top 10 Best Service Airport by 2009, so far the Suvarnabhumi Airport has speeded up the improvement of its services and facilities. Flight information service is necessary because Suvarnabhumi Airport accommodates over 700 arriving and departing flights each day with over 100,000 passengers and their relatives utilizing the facilities. Moreover, airport officers on duty and other people related to aviation and traveling business such as AOT staff, airline staff, tour agencies, tour guides and taxi drivers need to know information on the operating flights. Therefore, easy and quick access to accurate information is highly important. The cooperation between Suvarnabhumi Airport, I-Access and AIS in launching “Airports Flight Info” is a supplementary service and an alternative for passengers and operating staff to receive quick and convenient flight information besides the Call Center tel. 02-1321888 and Information counters currently serving passengers.”

Wichian Mektrakarn, CEO of AIS, talked about this cooperation. “The AIS policy is to adopt wireless technology to create services that benefit public including organizations, businesses and industries in the country, support advancement and continuous development. Regarding the cooperation with AOT, AIS aims to reinforce country’s aviation business through quick and accurate information distributed thoroughly and conveniently to people. With the service “Airports Flight Info,” AIS has developed services in a variety of modes including SMS, WAP and Smart SIM for users to select their preferences in line with behaviors of airport user groups as follows;

1. Regular People who need to travel by air or know flight information for passenger pick up from time to time can obtain information per request via SMS. Simply type flight details and send to 4714714. The system will reply SMS with required information. The fee is only Bt6. In addition, information can be accessed through WAP Portal of mobileLIFE by pressing *702# to get the link to “Airports Flight Info” page free content (subject to GPRS uplink cost) from today to October 31, 2009.

2. Aviation and Travel Business Operators who need the information on a regular basis can get the latest innovation Smart SIM developed on the Dynamic SIM Tool Kit technology supporting a real time information search and report namely “Airports Flight Info SIM” coming with built in application for information search. After activating the SIM card, service menu will appear on screen for convenient, quick and economical access through WAP and SMS for Bt1 per time.

Moreover, AIS offers the special promotion for “Airports Flight Info SIM” users with the Bt199 monthly package for free calls within AIS network from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Bt1.50 per minute for off network calls and off time, valid for 1 year.”

Airports Flight Info SIM is available for aviation and travel business operators within September this year. The Nation