Chiang Mai Zoo celebrating 101st day of Lin Ping´s life

Lin Ping panda name in Thailand

Lin Ping panda name in Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo is today celebrating the 101st day of young panda Lin Ping’s life in accordance with Chinese tradition.

The Chiang Mai Zoo will throughout today hand out gifts to visitors in celebration of Lin Ping’s 101 days of life. The marking is in line with Chinese beliefs that surpassing 101 days of life is a sign of good health and luck. Members of the Chinese Consulate in Chiang Mai will take part in a ceremony to be held throughout the morning alongside over 40 Chinese organizations in the province.

Gift vouchers and special entry passes are being handed out to visitors to take part in the occasion and a banquet of noodles, symbolizing longevity and eggs, symbolizing wholeness, will be put on. Festivities will continue until this Sunday.