How Green is that Space

Gab & Little Roy

Gab & Little Roy

Heineken organises the second of its musical standoffs, pitting three foreign acts against local favourites

The second Heineken GreenSpace party and music festival takes place on Saturday at Pattaya’s Ocean Marina Yacht Club and it promises to be a blast with three international acts handpicked by Montonn “Jay” Jira going head to head with local favourites under the night skies.

Jay headed to Europe to find the artists for the show, choosing Little Roy, a legendary reggae singer and songwriter from Jamaica, who will jam with Thai ska outfit TBone; Crystal Night, a modern jazz band from France, who’ll appear with Radklao Amaradit; and Club 8, an indie pop/electronic group from Sweden, to team up with ETC.

“Little Roy is little known outside the roots reggae circle so we are really lucky to have him. He was working with British sound engineer and record producer Mike Pelanconi, aka Prince Fatty at a studio in England when we were there. TBone’s Gab jammed with him, then the two went on to write and record ‘Jamming in the Sun’,” Jay recalls. xpress

“Later, we travelled to France where we met Crystal and her husband. They invited us to a French jazz festival and we later followed them to England for their show. After that, we flew home and discovered Club 8 playing here. They’re already well known to many Thais.”

Saturday’s festival will be on a larger scale than the first GreenSpace party, with two stages set up on the beach and in the garden of the private yacht club.

“Guests can chill on the beach, or listen to more laidback sounds on the grass or in a lounge with a view of sea and yachts,” says Nipol Swadipongpan, marketing manager.

The main stage will feature the Thai and international bands while four other outfits, among them Crescendo and foreign resident bands, will entertain the crowds from the smaller stage.