‘No Music No Life’ Pattaya goes ‘Pop’

'No Music No Life' Pattaya

'No Music No Life' Pattaya

Flocks of teenyboppers winged it down to Pattaya recently for the first Pop Music Awards 2009, lining the front of the stage at Bali Hai Cape and swooning in the strong sunlight as they waited patiently to catch a glimpse of Korean boy band 2PM and upcoming star AJ.

Themed “No Music No Life”, the event was a lively affair, with bright lights and lots of music.

It kicked off at 3pm with a plethora of Thai popsters taking to the stage to perform two or three songs. Among those drawing loud screams were Dan Woradej, Ben Chalathit, Girly Berry, Laolom, C-Quint, Academy Fantasia’s Look Pong and Padcha, One-Two-Three-Soul, Slot Machine, Brandnew Sunset, Knock the Knock, The Richman Toy and Cha-Em.

As night fell, the award winners arrived and fans were rewarded as they took turns to come on stage and receive their prizes.

Parn Tanaporn won Pop Female, K-Otic landed Pop Hit and Pop Idol, Kamikaze got Pop Download, Gancore Club was named Pop Group, Mild got Pop Fresh, ETC won Pop Performance, Tattoo Colour won Pop Indy, and Silly Fools landed Pop Rock Artist. Pop Male winner, Tor Saksit, was unable to collect his own award, as was Lady Gaga, who was named Pop International Artist.

Teens screamed as 19-year-old Korean artist AJ, aka Ace Junior, bounded on to stage for a high-energy performance of “Dancing Shoes” and “Dry My Tears”.

He was followed by contemporary dancer Nam Hyun Joon, former rapper for Young Turks Club, who put on his famed “Poppin” show – a mix of funk and street dance – while singing “Don’t Stop” and “Roaring Of Lion”.

And then came the moment the audience had been waiting for, the show by 2PM. The boys opened with “Again & Again”, and quickly segued into “Only You”, “I Hate You”, and “10 Point Out Of 10”.

Their performance wrapped up almost nine hours of pop, leaving gaggles of girls with big smiles on their faces.

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