Picking a winning team

Some combinations interact well to make you look and feel great, while others don’t



Rule number one of anti-ageing medicine is there is no magic pill. Even medication we take daily may have beneficial and adverse effects. Please bear in mind that each pill we take can also act like a poison at the same time.

Dream Team (Good Combination)

The “team” that creates good health includes chemicals known as protagonists. In short, they get along well together. These include the following:

1.Vitamin C and Collagen. This is a good foundation for fit and firm skin because vitamin C can directly create the building block for collagen.

2. Calcium and magnesium (Ratio 2:1). Calcium supplements cannot be properly absorbed into your bones without “three good friends”, which are magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K.

You can easily manage this by eating lots of greens and regularly exposing yourself to sunlight.

3.Vitamins A, C and E. These are like the great “three tenors” or “three graces” of supplements as they contain strong antioxidant potency and work together like a team.

4. Fish oil including DHA and EPA. If you would like to nourish your brain properly, you need to find good fish oil that contains a lot of DHA. But if you want to put out the fire of joint pain, you will need to choose both DHA and EPA.

Evil Team (Bad Combination)

The “antagonist team” is contained in many of our daily medication. Some are quite unbelievably close to us.

1. Fish oil and aspirin. These are a true evil pair that will enhance bleeding tendencies. If this occurs in the brain, it is catastrophic.

2. Vitamin E and evening primrose oil. Both are a rich source of vitamin E, but the wise way is choose only one to nourish your body because excessive vitamin E is related to heart attack risk

3. Coffee and calcium. A bit of bad news for coffee lovers here. Whenever you enjoy this ambrosia drink, try to avoid taking calcium supplements altogether as coffee will interrupt calcium absorption and wash out calcium from your bones.

4. Iron and thalassemia. Not all anaemics need iron supplement, especially thalassemia. Iron supplements are toxic to the heart and liver.

Last but not least, if you have followed the advice strictly, but medication still harms your health, do not despair. Just remember, there are two sides to everything – even you. ฺฺิBangkok Post