Coral-like rocky lined up as mountain in Petchaboon province

mountain in Petchaboon province

mountain in Petchaboon province / Photo: Beauty of sunlight

Pookaopakarang or Coral Mountain, located in the forest of Petchaboon province, some 350 kilometres north of Bangkok, has gained a reputation for coral-like rockies.

The greenish grey submerged rocks of various sizes are lined up the mountain over 800 acres. Their fine sharp looks make visitors think they are exploring an outdoor cave or coral reefs in the ocean, but here…it’s 1,200 metres above sea level.

Some experts believe the area of Coral Mountain might have been the sea millions of years ago, judging by the characteristics of stones and the discovery of fossils which look like sea animals in the area.

Others are of the opinion rocks rose up from the ground when there was movement in the earth. The rain eventually eroded the rocks until they were sharp like coral.

Chon Daen District chief said it’s amazing. Nature creates such a beautiful landscape. He is sure this coral mountain will impress both Thai and foreign tourists.”

In addition, the most impressive beauty of the so-called Coral Mountain is its musical attributes. By simply hitting the coral rocks with stone or any solid material, different sounds emanate. Hence another name for the area; “Hundred Sounds Mountain”.

Some experts said the rocks created such sounds they might contain minerals.

Those wanting to explore Coral Mountain are advised to wear thick-enough shoes to avoid any injury from the sharp rocks, while climbing to the top of the mountain.

Any age of ‘explorer’ can reach the rocks as the local administration has built a bridge to the top of the mountain.

Visitors to the top of the mountain will surely admire the green forest filled with rare plants, colorful wild flowers, newly-discovered caves, and experience the typical Thai rural lifestyle.