Thai boxer Buakao Paw Pramuk catapulted into international limelight

Buakao Paw Pramuk

Buakao Paw Pramuk

Buakao Paw Pramuk is sweating, and even bleeding from time to time, because a fight with a Japanese boxer is approaching.

Buakao grew up in the northeastern province of Surin on the Thai-Cambodian border. Thai boxing became a part of his life when he was eight years old. At the age of 15, the young man decided to leave his hometown in search of stardom.

At that time, his potential was not so outstanding, because Paw Pramuk Gym signed up with two other boxers from Surin. But Buakao was just an extra from Pramuk’s contractor.

Ten years later, Buakao was rising to be among the Thai boxers having the highest income, earning around 1.2 million baht for each fight. He has won several major boxing fights around the world.

Buakao was a double champion of Japan’s K-1 World MAX, well-known for its strict games in the ring. Boxers are not allowed to use elbows or hit with the knees. This year, Buakao will join the fight to defend himself.

Buakao was humble when talking about his championship.

“Thai boxers should practice hard before going to fight. Once in a ring, they should do their best. To maintain Thai boxing standards is also important for promoting Thai boxing among foreigners. ”, said Buakao.

Pramuk Rojanatan, owner of Paw Pramuk gym, said Buakao was a model of a good Thai boxer. His success reaffirmed the reputation of Thai boxers at international level.

Today, despite his enormous income, Buakao is still working hard because he is well aware of the truth a new wave of younger and stronger boxers is on the way.