Por Tor festival VDO Story of Phuket

Ethic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. During the seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar, it is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits releasedto wander or revisit homes.

This is the fresh market on Ranong Road under the Office of Phuket City.

Residents here held the Por Tor or Hungry Ghost festival to make merits & offerings to their ancestors.
People spend a few days attending this festival. The significance of this event is that its another occasion for local ethnic Chinese to pay gratitude to the deceased. During the festival, during the day & evening, the area is filled with people who bring food & nicely decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass on to those spirits. A must offering for the festival is red turtle shaped cake, large or small.

They believe that turtles symbolize longevity. The auspicious red turtle shaped cake is believed to pass on the blessing to Por Tor Kong – God of Devil. Then God can bring fortune and success to worshippers. I attend the ceremony every year to seek blessings, praying for happiness & wealth. The Por Tor festival not only illustrates peoples strong belief, but it also reflects gratitude & unity of people in the community. It is similar to the Thai Buddhist Sart festival. Por Tor is a beautiful festival which has been passed on. It signifies unity & care by community members. The festival here is initiated by the local community & supported by the Office of Phuket City. The Phuket Citys fresh market is not the only location to hold the festival, as it is organized in many communities in Phuket city. Each location begins at a different date but within the 7th lunar month or around August each year.