“The Odd Couple” From Broadway to Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Odd Couple

Neil Simon’s, “The Odd Couple”, is guaranteed to make you laugh make you laugh!

The Gate Theater continues to thrill audiences in the north of Thailand with yet another famous Broadway hit this September.

The Gate Theater of Chiang Mai will present The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon at the Studio Theater on the 7th floor of Central Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall. The show opens on Friday, September 11 and closes on Saturday, September 26 with curtain at 7:00pm each Friday and Saturday night. Doors open at 6:00 pm for food and drinks.

Neil Simon’s box office hit, The Odd Couple, traces the lives of the infamously mismatched roommates: Felix Ungar, a neurotic fusspot news writer and Oscar Madison, a slovenly sports journalist. At his wife’s insistence, Felix is evicted from his home and abandoned on the doorstep of his childhood friend Oscar. Deep down, he knows she has every right to kick him out, but he still harbors the hope of someday returning to her once so loving arms. As fate would have it Oscar likewise had been given the boot by Mrs. Madison requesting that he never return. Can two new bachelors share an apartment without driving each other insane?

The laughs are non-stop in this classic hit from one of America’s greatest comedy writers. The show first premiered on Broadway in 1965 at the Plymouth Theater in New York City, starring Walter Matthau as Oscar and Art Carney as Felix. This year’s performance, starring Brian Hubbard as Oscar and Richard Childs as Felix, marks the start of the fourth season for The Gate Theater, Chiang Mai’s only English language theater group. The show is directed by the group’s founder, Stephan Turner, and rounds out its side-splitting cast with Robert Young as Murray, Ron Kasdan as Speed, Brian Brown as Roy, Roberto Toscano as Vinne, and Marisa Lianggamphai and Rachel Clair Morris as the Pigeon sisters. Looking for laughs? The Odd Couple is where it’s at!

Tickets are available at the information desk on the first floor of Central Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall for a suggested donation of 300 baht. For more information please call 087-177-2195 – 086-671-3371