Jatujak Midnight Market closed: irresponsible vendors cited

Mr. Arun Srijaroon, the Director of Jatujak Market revealed the Market Committee agreed on the resolution to cancel the Friday Night Market or Jatujak Midnight Market which has been running since February 2009 due to difficulties with the vendors. Customers were unsatisfied with limited variety of goods and the low number of vendors whose opening hours were unpredictable.

The Market could not sufficiently provide a rainproof canvas for the vendors and customers during the rainy season. Thus the committee and the Bangkok (See Bangkok Hotels) Governor came to an agreement to cancel the market on Fridays.

The staff who were on Friday night duty would be assigned to assist in the garment wholesale market during 24.00- 05.00 hrs on Friday-Saturday instead The committee is currently seeking a suitable plan to replace the canceled market and would focus on promoting the regular market to attract more Thais and other tourists.