Thunderbirds stun Thai audiences

Thunderbirds 2

The stunning Thunderbirds air show in Thailand (See Thailand Hotels) caught the attention of many Thais at the cargo terminal in Don Muang Airport (See Hotels near Don Muang Airport) .

The unforgettable air show yesterday started from 14.00 hrs at the cargo terminal of Don Muang Airport (See Hotels near Don Muang Airport), grabbing interest from people in the area. The C-17 and its company started the show, while the highlight included their 10 signature moves which lasted for 45 minutes. In addition, the 3rd demonstration of Thunderbirds in Thailand (See Thailand Hotels) is aimed to tie and expand the 175 years of relationship between Royal Thai Air Force and US Air Force.

Over 20 million people around the world have been stunned by the Thunderbirds’ performances in the last two years. Their stunning air show is scheduled in 77 places including the United States, Puerto Rico and countries in Asia such as Australia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. The Thunderbirds are currently based in Nellis Airforce base, Nevada, USA.