Trat to verify alien workers in bid to curb crime

Trat (See Trat Hotels) province has urged employers of Myanmar and Cambodian alien laborers to verify their employees’ nationality before 23 February 2010.

Trat (See Trat Hotels) Employment Provincial Official, Vipa Yoochai, said the nationality verification would give migrant laborers a legal alien worker status which would bestow them the rights to reside and work in Thailand (See Thailand Hotels) . Ms Vipa emphasized that the period of verification would end soon.

Trat (See Trat Hotels) province, which borders Cambodia is currently in need of around 30,000 migrant laborers especially in the agricultural and fisheries sectors. The nationality verification is part of the government’s effort to regulate alien laborers and prevent their illegal activities.

Alien labor employers who need to process with their employees’ nationality verification may contact the Department of Employment headquarters in Bangkok (See Bangkok Hotels) . As for employers of laborers from Myanmar, the procedure can be directly processed at the employment office of Trat (See Trat Hotels) province.