1st day of vegetarian fest lively in the Chinatown of Yaowarat Bangkok

vegetarian fest in the Chinatown of Yaowarat Bangkok

The first day of the vegetarian festival in the Chinatown of Yaowarat in the capital city of Bangkok is very lively with many vegetarians traveling to buy vegetarian foods and ingredients.

Many Thai people have gradually traveled to buy vegetarian foods, vegetables, fruits and ingredients at fresh markets in the Chinatown areas. Traders said prices of many kinds of vegetables, such as celery, kale, and yard long bean, had increased slightly this year. However, a majority of consumers come to the market to purchase protein ingredients, such as tofu and others.

Meanwhile, consumers admitted that prices of some vegetarian foods had increased compared to the vegetarian festival last year. For instance, tofu price has increased from 10 baht per piece to 15 baht per piece this year. However, the prices of protein products have not changed.

The vegetarian festival this year has already begun today and will last until 26 October 2009. It is widely practiced among the Thai people, especially those of Chinese descent. Several regions in Thailand are also famous for vegetarian festival celebration such as the Chinatown of Yaowarat in Bangkok, the southern island of Phuket, Nakhon Sawan in the North, and many others.