Mongolia and Pakistan to vote for Thailand as a member of the World Heritage Committee



Mongolia and Pakistan agrees to vote for Thailand as a member of the World Heritage Committee in the upcoming election on 23 October at the 35th session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris.

Minister of Education, Jurin Laksanawisit reveals after discussing with his Pakistani counterpart, Mr. Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, and the Mongolian Minister of education, Mr. Yondon Otgonbayar, during the UNESCO Annual General Conference in Paris that Pakistan was interested in the success of Thailand’s education policy as 90% of Thai citizens were literate compared to the 50% literacy in Pakistan.

Mr. Jurin claimed that the campaign to encourage Thai people to read is the main scheme to serve the goal of increasing the percentage of Thai literacy to 95%. The learning atmosphere is to be encouraged to build reading habits, according to the reading scheme approved by the Cabinet.

The reduction in Islamic study courses and the adding up of more general courses in the overall education was also the topic in the discussion, which suited Thailand’s education policy as the government tended to add more general study courses and career training courses to the Islamic students who lived in Southern Thailand. I-NET test conducted by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS) will be used in the next academic year to measure the effectiveness of the study.

Thailand also agreed to support Mongolia in education. Mongolia asked Thailand to provide scholarships in agriculture, technology and medicine as well as tourism training. The Thai Minister of Education was also invited to visit Mongolia to discuss more on their educational cooperation.

Pakistan would also hold a further discussion with Thailand as well as to vote for Thailand as a member of the World Heritage Committee. The Mongolian Education Minister would back Thailand as a member of the committee as well. As a member of the World Heritage Committee, Thailand would benefit in her cultural preservation, according to the Thai Minister of Education.