The lead countries do not follow their pledge at Global Warming

The United Nations

The United Nations

The United Nations specified the authorities on negotiation in the Global Warming meeting do not follow the leader’s pledge to achieve the agreement at the conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7-18 December

Mr. Yanof Plaster – Head of the Climate Change Party assigned by Mr. Ban Kee Mun – UN’s Secretary-General said in the Leaders’ Conference for Climate changing at UN last month, China and USA the great two countries disposing greenhouse gas had pledged to actualize many subjects but after the meeting for 2 weeks in Bangkok, there were no furtherance such as the cashes millionaire countries would allocate to poor countries and the obligation to limit manufacturing greenhouse gases from the countries.

Mr. Plaster specified that the conference in Bangkok made progress in supporting Poor Countries to cope with Climate Change effects, technology transmission, and decreasing Greenhouse Gas caused from deforestation. However, the important issues were still interrupted even though there were just 5 days left of the meeting before the conference at Copenhagen, Denmark started. The next meeting is set again in Barcelona – Spain during 2-6 November, thereby the local leaders must find the solution by themselves since they are tough issues to discuss and also affect worldwide economics.