Delicate Phrae-Wa silk of Kalasin as souvenirs for the spouses of ASEAN leaders

Phrae-Wa silk

The renowned delicate Phrae-Wa silk of Kalasin has been chosen as souvenirs for spouses of ASEAN leaders.

The Governor of Kalasin, Mr. Viroj Jivarungsan revealed that the shawls made from Phrae-Wa silk were chosen as souvenirs for spouses of ASEAN leaders at the 15th ASEAN Summit. The selection could promote the products made from Phrae-wa Silk to the international market in the future.

Phrae-Wa silk is produced only in Kalasin province by the ‘Phu Thai’ tribe. The product refinement together with its exquisite colorful designs makes it the most famous of all handicrafts of Kalasin Province, dubbed as the “Queen of Thai Silk”. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit had promoted Phrae-Wa silk at Bangsai Arts and Crafts Center since 1977.