TAT in Moscow promotes “Welcome to Thailand MEGA FAM” campaign among Russians


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Moscow Headquarters, Russia, promotes tourism into Thailand through the Welcome to Thailand MEGA FAM campaign.

Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications of TAT Juthaporn Rerngronasa stated that the global economic slump had slowed down the Russian’s economy, causing many Russian tourists to stay home in the previous 4 months. Statistics showed a decrease of 29.43% of Russian tourists to Thailand.

Therefore, TAT in Moscow pushes forward the promotion of Welcome to Thailand MEGA FAM campaign in which more than 138 people including leading Russian tourist agencies and media members have dealt with the tourism agencies in Thailand to offer and make Thai products and services become well known among Russians.

As a result of dealing with leading Russian tourist agencies and media members for the acknowledgment of Thai products and services among Russians, approximately 293,000 of Russian tourists are expected to travel to Thailand which also helps boost the revenue in Thai tourism by about 14,030 million baht in the 4th quarter 2009.