Yi Peng festivities in Chiang Mai picking up

Yi Peng festivities in Chiang Mai picking up

Tourists and revelers have begun to take to the streets of Chiang Mai as part of the province’s famous Yi Peng Loy Krathong celebration. Authorities have prepared over 200 additional transport vehicles to assist in inner-city travel during the festival.

Scores of people have already begun to turn up this morning at Chiang Mai’s bus terminals all wishing to join in the province’s annual Yi Peng celebration which is Chiang Mai’s unique observation of Loy Krathong. Chiang Mai Transport Office Director, Ansatai Rattanadilok Na Phuket, remarked that extensive preparations had been put into place to accommodate tourists to make sure transport drivers were courteous and drove in a safe manner. Residents of the province have been asked to extend their hospitality to visitors during the occasion.

Chiang Mai does not expect crowds to rival those during Songkran in April. The province has thus expressed assurance that its available facilities and vehicles will be sufficient but has nonetheless prepared 200 to 300 more automobiles. (NNT)