Thailand as the food producer of the world aims to eliminate starvation by 2025

The Agriculture Ministry affirmed the aim of Thailand to be the food producer for the world,with balancing of economic plants producing, targeted both exports and reserve for security. The draft declaration has been prepared for the Declaration of World Summit on Food Security in Italy.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), Sakchai Siboonsue cited on the country’s participation in the Declaration of World Summit on Food Security, arranged by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) every 5 years. Mr.Kobsak Sapavasu, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of MOAC and delegates will attend the summit during 16-18 November 2009 in Rome, Italy. The said summit is aimed to reduce the starvation and food insecurity within 2025. The announcement of Food Security Declaration will be included in the Summit. The declaration would be the direction for the world and national performance.

Thailand aimed to be the food producer to serve world population. The produced related plants would be balanced both for export and as internal reserve. Besides, the zoning of food plants and economic plants was another task to be done properly. All strategies should not affect food security and the safety of the products. (NNT)