Animals at Khao Khiao Open Zoo are protected against cold weather

The Khao Khiao Open Zoo in Chon Buri has come up with measures to keep the animals warm in the upcoming cool spell.

Khao Khiao Open Zoo’s Director Mr Apidet Singhaseni said the zoo had prepared the spotlights as well as hay and dry leaves to cover the ground to prevent the animals from sicknesses from cold weather. Some animal species had the ability to maintain their body temperature, still the zoo would not overlook their healths.

The zoo staff will prepare the spotlights for Crocodiles, Masai Mara, Tortoises and Tapirs. Dry leaves will also be placed on the show area. There will also be the spotlights provided for Cockatoos, Macaws, Elephants, Chamois, White Tigers, Monkeys and Squirrels. The bed leaves will be provided for Lemurs, Thai monkeys, Chimpanzees, Asian Wild Dogs, Orangutans, snakes and other nocturnal animals. Mr Apidet has assigned the medical team to give regular checks on animal daily. (NNT)

Khao Khiao Open Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia as it covers a vast area of around 3000 rai in Chon Buri province. The zoo has been operated by the Dusit Zoo Authority in Bangkok. Visitors can stroll around the grounds and observe the animals closely.