Asian major cities to tackle pandemic and promote tourism

Chiangmai Zoo

In the 8th Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC 21), Asia’s eight key cities signed the “Bangkok Declaration” in a bid to eliminate the 2009 flu pandemic and to promote tourism in a sustainable manner.

Ms Taya Teepsuwan, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, stated that Asian countries were the most aware of these 2 issues at the moment. She believed that in accordance with the aim to develop the region, tackling these issues seriously would raise the quality of life for the people.

For sustainable tourism promotion, the Declaration sought the regional cooperation to help educate people of how to maintain cultural sites. The Asia Package was commenced under the Declaration to jointly promote tourist attractions in Asian capitals. The package allowed member cites to pull together their efforts on marketing, advertising, public relations, traveling or concerted activities to cut back on an individual city’s promotional expenditures.

In a bid to combat the 2009 flu pandemic, the meeting created a solid network for an expertise exchange and a direct liaison system linking system member’s cities’ medical personnel, research and technology. The countermeasures would be adopted on the outbreak of infectious diseases and boost confidence among inbound tourists. This cooperation could generate an effective containment of such recurrences as SARS, avian flu and dengue fever. (NNT)