Bangkok launches campaign to counter AIDS

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and anti-AIDS networks has kicked off a campaign to promote the use of condoms and educate the public about AIDS.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok MD Malinee Sukhawetworakit yesterday presided over the anti-AIDS campaign at Chatuchak Park after statistics suggested a number of new HIV positive patients in the capital city increased. MD Malinee said there were accumulated 350,000 patients over the past 25 years or 0.4% of the Thai population.

Currently, 26,000 patients of those infected are still alive. In Bangkok alone, there are 57,000 patients, with 2,400 new cases this year.

Most HIV positive patients were unaware of their disease and transmitted it to other people, the deputy governor said.

The campaign stresses on providing knowledge about the disease and creating an understanding, especially among teenagers of age below 24 and other risk groups. (NNT) –