Phuket´s room reservations hit 80% after festive season

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) reveals the accommodation occupancy rate in Phuket after Christmas holiday is still as high as 80%.

Director of TAT Phuket, Ms Bang-onrat Chinaprayoon said that according to hotel and tour operators, room reservations in Phuket during the high season are on the rise and the occupancy rate has climbed up to 80% after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Ms Bang-onrat added that Phuket is ready to deal with increasing number of visitors. Once the tourists have checked in, they can conveniently travel around the city, join adventurous activities, go diving and try other recreational programs. Travelling to nearby provinces like Phang-nga and other Andaman cities is also convenient. She believed that the variety of activities on offer would encourage the tourists to stay longer. (NNT)