Thailand ranked 84th in worldwide corruption index

Thailand ranks 10th in Asia and ends with 84th in the world, in this year’s corruption perceptions index released by Transparency Thailand.

Thailand, El Salvador, Kuatemala, India and Panama scored 3.4 out of 10 points in the ranking. Corruption Perceptions Index measures the perceived level of public- sector corruption in 180 countries. A higher score means less corruption. The ranking was based on surveys from 10 pollsters.

Thailand was ranked 10th in Asia last year and emerged as 80th in the world. Transparency Thailand elaborated that the rise in position to the 84th for this year means the situation of corruption in Thailand is worse.

CPI showed Singapore was the cleanest country in Asia, ranking top of all 10 ASEAN nations, with its score of 9.2 while Burma scored least in the grouping, gaining 1.4. New Zealand was the least corrupt country in the world, ranking first at 9.4, followed by Denmark at 9.3 and then Singapore.

The five countries that are perceived as the most corrupt include Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma, Sudan and Iraq due to their protracted wars, internal conflicts and fragile governance infrastructure. (NNT)