The first time in the world for a prosthesis for elephant

In recent incidents, two elephants have stepped on landmines causing them to lose a leg each. Although this is not a common event the Elephants Friend Foundation in Lampang province and related parties have an idea to aid unfortunate elephants.

To leave the disabled elephants with only 3 legs would cause them a lot of distress due to the weight of elephant. Its remaining legs would not support its whole weight and their may be some deformity of the remaining legs.

The Prostheses Foundation under the royal patronage of H.R.H. the Princess Mother has achieved the first prosthesis for an elephant. Mosha is a female elephant that uses a prosthesis. The prosthesis had been innovated by Dr. Terdchai Shivaket, the Secretary General of the Prostheses Foundation and recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award in public services for disabled people.

The elephant’s prosthesis was made with utmost care as its very different to one for a person. (NNT)