Trat fishing competition reflects artificial coral planting success

Trat province holds a fishing competition to evaluate the success of its project on planting artificial corals to rehabilitate marine life.

Deputy Governor of Trat Chalor Baicharoen said at the closing ceremony that he was happy with the results of the fishing competition which drew a lot of participants. The province had invested 15 million baht to plant artificial corals off the coast of Khlong Yai district.

A total of 700 kilograms of various types of fish were caught , including red snapper, mackerel and sea bass. The result shows the artificial corals have helped revive the marine ecology. Contestants were local fishermen in Khlong Yai as well as those from other provinces who were grouped into 56 teams.

The governor added that the aim of the event was to promote environmental awareness and marine preservation and also to promote tourism and the fishing career. (NNT)