Wall Street Journal publishes Chiangmai´s way of life in its “City walk” column

Tha Phae Gate Sunday Market in Chiang Mai

Tha Phae Gate Sunday Market in Chiang Mai

Wall Street Journal, one of the biggest newspapers in US, published an article about Chiang Mai’s unique way of life in its City Walk column, seen to make Chiang Mai globally known.

Michael K. Monroe, the American Consule in Chiang Mai , said that Wall Street Journal with its headquarters in New York, US, had publicized the way of life in Chiang Mai via its column, namely “City walk”. The column would take the readers back to the gorgeous Lanna kingdom in the past. Also, all tourist attractions, local residents’ life style, traditional cultures, shops, natural attractions including the local map in Chiang Mai were described on these pages to attract and lure tourists all over the world to travel to Thailand.

According to this, related agencies in Thailand deemed it very beneficial for the tourism of Thailand as this period was considered as the high tourist season. Also, Chiang Mai would become one of the renowned provinces of Thailand in the aspect of tourism according to Wall Street Journal’s City Walk column, in featuring Chiang Mai’s attractions.

Recently, in August 2009, the Washington Post, one of the giant newspapers with the highest issues published and once published Chiang Mai’s way of life in its magazine, viewed that Wall Street Journal did a good thing for Thailand in which Chiang Mai would become well-known as one of the attractive tourist places through the eyes of the world via the Wall Street Journal’s City Walk column. (NNT)