2nd wave of H1N1 hits Thailand

The Ministry of Public Health has reported some signs indicating the second wave of the H1N1 virus pandemic spread in many big cities of Thailand, while all public health offices across the country are assigned to monitor the situation closely.

According to Permanent Secretary for Public Health, MD Paijit Warachit, the virus is spreading in many big cities such as Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. High-risk areas include military camps, schools, and communities in all regions of Thailand. He stated that the second phase of the flu spread had started.

The permanent secretary asked all schools to sanitize frequently. Students with any flu-like symptoms should take leave and consult with doctors immediately for high fever and fatigue.

MD Paijit also expressed concerns over the upcoming festivals during December to January as many people would gather and the virus tended to spread easier. Meanwhile, some people coming back from traveling might spread diseases as well. He admitted that the most critical period to monitor the situation would be during Christmas to New Year. (NNT)