Economy to improve next year

The economy next year will be improving but will yield no benefits to the infrastructure development of the country if the management of the government remains poor, according to Kasikorn Bank CEO, Bantoon Lamsam.

Mr Bantoon believed that the national economy next year would improve, particularly the Thai exports sector, while financial institutions remain stable and can move forward with the economic revival.

The CEO however admitted that the national infrastructure management in educational, legal, and communication aspects had not received enough attention from the public sector. He deemed that the Strong Thailand scheme of the government was only a temporary solution for short-term economic stimulation, and there had been no projects for infrastructure development.

As for legal development, Mr Bantoon viewed that there had barely been any progress as the Thai Parliament had been busy dealing with their own conflicts and legal discussions were rarely made. He also warned reporters to be cautious in their news presentation, and to avoid inciting conflicts within society because their stories were influential to people’s perceptions. (NNT)