Global warming will contribute to more outbreaks

Global Warming

Global Warming:

Global warming will contribute to outbreaks of diseases transmitted by rodents and insects, experts say.

Director of the Center for Cooperation of World Health Organization, Professor Theerawat Hemachutha, said in a seminar on global warming and diseases that global warming would cause a massive migration of animals, especially rodents and insects. These animals, some of them are parasites of larger animals, will be carriers and will spread viruses to humans. One of the most dangerous diseases is encephalitis.

The doctor also warned against a spread of Nipah virus which is one of the viruses that can cause encephalitis. Bats are the main carrier of the virus which can be transmitted via contact. A pandemic of Nipah encephalitis has been reported in the neighboring Malaysia. Another disease which the doctor warned of is Chikungunya with mosquitoes as carriers.

Regarding the H1N1 flu infection, Professor Theerawat warned that once infected, patients could still be infected again. He said 2.8 million doses of vaccines which were expected to be given to public health personnel and other risk groups first would not be sufficient. The doctor suggested that the best way to prevent H1N1 infection was to take good care of one’s health. (NNT)