Panda cub on show in the open at Chiang Mai Zoo

Panda at ChiangMai zoo

Panda at ChiangMai zoo

Tourists, Chiang Mai residents and family members of the Chamber of Commerce meeting attendees enjoyed the Panda cub display in the open at Chiang Mai Zoo today.

The zoo staff took Lingping, the panda cub out for the second day and let her play at the showing area to celebrate her six months of age. The three-day show during November 27-29 has attracted over 500 eager visitors to the zoo.

Linping seemed to enjoy the cool breeze in Chiang Mai and was excited to be out despite her 45 minute public display. The cub enjoyed posing in front of hundred of cameras without a tiny bit of anxiety.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the panda’s display. The zoo might allow tourists to see Linping more often in this high tourist season since the zoo staff had to take the panda cub outside her pen every morning for some sunbathing at the showing area.

Born earlier this year as a result of artificial insemination by Thai veterinarians at Chiang mai Zoo, Linping has become possibly Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions since her debut in June. (NNT)