Telecommunication problems on the rise

Major mobile service providers including TOT, DTAC and AIS host a meeting along with consumer protection institutes to discuss consumer problems.

Consumer problems and complaints included topics on the distribution of fake sims, sms spamming, limited time usage on prepaid numbers, and lack of signal strength in some areas were discussed at the meeting.

Another problem that was of great concern was mobile phone towers that failed to meet the standards issued by the National Telecommunications Commission. Residents living near the towers experienced violent electrical appliance and circuit breaker explosions during rain and storms. Other residents feared health issues involving fatigue and reduction of mental concentration due to electro-magnetic radiation emissions from the towers.

A number of complaints have been sent to the respective service providers but any responses to them have been neglected with only TOT responding to the problems.

Representatives from DTAC, TOT and AIS stated that procedures in correcting the problems would be attended to as soon as possible given that the National Telecommunications Commission provided a higher level of co-operation.

Representatives from True Corporation, TT&T and Hutch were not present at the meeting. (NNT)