Thailand and Poland to jointly expand trade

The Acting Director-General of the Department of Export Promotion (DEP) indicated that Thailand and Poland are promoting bilateral trade expansion by making Thailand as the gateway for Polish products to be distributed throughout Asia.

Acting Director-General of DEP, Srirat Ratthapana, said after a discussion between Thailand and Poland that there was room for trade expansion between the two countries. Both sides agreed to have a joint investment in diverse aspects to add value to trade. Poland was particularly interested to make Thailand the production base and gateway to distribute products to other markets in Asia.

At the primary stage, the joint committee from high-ranking officials of each country would be conducted to formulate measures used in trade promotion and solutions of import export barriers between countries. The ThaiPolish Business Forum would also be set up to push the private sectors of both countries in realizing trade expansion.

Thai export value in the past three years amounted to 465 million USD annually, with the major products being machines and components, electrical appliances, chemical products, fertilizers and automotive parts. (NNT)