UK interests financial services in Thailand

financial services in Thailand

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The United Kingdom has shown interest in investing in Thailand‘s financial service as satisfactory figures on export and tourism sectors have been reported.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, along with Lord Charles Powell of Bayswater and Mr Quinton Quayle, British Ambassador to Thailand, discussed economic issues in Thailand and the UK and deemed that both countries are going through a good recovery.

Mr Abhisit stated that the government has expressed interest to promote the investment of Thailand by establishing the One Start One Stop (OSOS) investment center to facilitate and provide investment services to all investors in Thailand.

Regarding the well-run operation of British entrepreneurs in Thailand, Mr Abhisit had congratulated all of them while asking them to help build foreign investors’ confidence for more investment in Thailand. At the same time, many British entrepreneurs showed their effort to invest in foreign exchange operations and financial transaction services in Thailand.

As stated by Mr Abhisit, the Financial Master Plan has been approved by the government to help promote financial investment in Thailand and to enable flexibility for foreign investors in operating their financial transactions.

The One Start One Stop (OSOS) investment center was established at Chamchuri Square in Bangkok Thailand with an aim to provide business services for all investors in a one-stop location. Many business experts are posted to provide business suggestions to investors. Apart from providing business tips, other services provided include the request on business licenses such as tax licenses, juristic licenses and the license for alien workers. (NNT)