Villagers in Nakhon Sawan oppose nuclear power plant

nuclear power plant Cattenom

nuclear power plant Cattenom:

More than 1,000 locals from Tha Tako District, Nakhon Sawan Province, are gathering at the Phanom Rok municipality to protest the planned construction of a nuclear power plant.

The group, led by former Tambon Chief Surapon Khammprakob and ex-village head Sarawut Thongthavonwong, opposes the power plant plan in their village which is being studied by the Energy Ministry. The group indicated the project could experience possible radioactive leakage, thus demanding the Energy Ministry to cancel the survey of Phanom Rok. They said the site is unsuitable as it is located near water sources.

The group presented a petition list containing 3,000 signatures to Provincial Governor Kawee Kittisataporn, who promised to pass it on to the officials concerned. The residents argued against the construction asking the authorities to rethink the safety and the environmental impacts on the community.

Provincial Administrative Organization Chief, Amnat Sirichai, said he disagreed with having a nuclear power plant near the natural tourist attraction of Bung Boraped wetlands which has been developed with a budget of more than one billion baht. He reckoned the construction would consequently affect tourism in the area. (NNT)