Japanese car firms boost production capacity in Thailand


Mazda 2: freefoto.com

Japanese automobile manufacturers are increasing their production capacity in Southeast Asia in response to the regional growing demand.

The production lines of Japanese car factories in Thailand are being accelerated to support an increasing demand in the ASEAN market which has been boosted by the governments’ stimulus measures.

Mazda Motor Corporation has recently built a new factory in Thailand which will aim to produce 20,000 cars per year.

Suzuki Motor Company also decided to go ahead with the construction of a new plant in Thailand which was earlier delayed by a market slump. The company will start their line with city cars in the first 3 years and will increase to 100,000 cars within 5 years.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Motors has recruited 1,300 more staff since September to support the expansion of SUV production lines which is in response to the current market demand. (NNT)