Thai nuclear power needs govt support

nuclear power plant Cattenom

nuclear power plant Cattenom:

The policy on nuclear power plants in Thailand must be imposed at a national level, driven both by the government and parliament, said Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) Governor, Sombat Sarntijaree.

Mr Sombat said the EGAT had set plans to generate 2,000 megawatts of electricity from coal and nuclear power each. However, the production of electricity from coal was costly as it caused carbon emissions. If the nation was to generate electricity from coal it must use carbon capture and sequestration technologies to tackle the emissions and also bring the production cost of coal electricity to 2.50 baht per unit, the governor said.

Nuclear power seems to be a better option for cheap electricity. Mr Sombat warned that without the construction of atomic power plants, power prices in Thailand would increase and global warming would get worse.

Thailand’s energy development plan includes cutting consumption, power efficiency increase, alternative energies as well as power imports from neighboring countries.

The governor said an increase in electricity consumption during the economic rebound was imminent and reiterated the need for nuclear power. (NNT)