Expat Survey and Thailand on International Ranking Track

Thailand ko phi phi

Thailand ko phi phi: Flickr.com

Thailand thus far has been included in many surveys and rankings conducted by various international organizations. Some of the released results can indeed bring fame to the nation in different areas despite the ongoing political instability and persisting street protests. However, some rankings have tarnished the national image and have warned the responsible authorities to fix the problem to put the country back on track.

In the beginning of June, the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Co. Ltd (PERC) ranked Thailand third place in regards to efficiency of the public sector system in Asia, after Singapore and Hong Kong. Then, at the beginning of November, Thailand was ranked second for the world’s best value destination by the Lonely Planet in its ‘Best In Travel 2010’ guide as one of the cheapest long haul holidays for European tourists. At the end of November, Thailand won top honors in the November issue of Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2009 in several categories including the Top 100 list of hotels.

Recently, Thailand has played a role in the HSBC Bank International Expat Explorer Survey 2009 which was conducted among more than 3,100 expats from February to April 2009 on their lives in each country. According to the result of the survey, Thailand was regarded as being the most likely place for expats to fall in love with the locals. In addition, Thailand was also considered as the place to go for making friends, followed by Vietnam, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Overall, Thailand was ranked 15th out of 26 in the survey.

Regarding the economy, the expats in Thailand voiced higher a standard of living and higher disposable income as the benefits of being expats in Thailand. Upon the global financial crisis, almost three-quarters or 72% of expats in Thailand admitted that it had an impact on their spending both on essential and luxury items as well as household maintenance. However, they perceived the country as one of the cheapest countries to live in compared with others worldwide and expats in Thailand were also found to lack the desire to return to their home countries.

The Expat Survey of the HSBC is putting Thailand on another fiercer race of international competition. Regardless of whether these poll results are putting Thailand into the limelight or casting a shadow on the country, related authorities are having more obligations to maintain the country in the best possible way. Nonetheless, the responsibility to foster a positive image to the country belongs to everyone. Each individual is entitled to contribute and make Thailand lead the international race for the common wealth and happiness of all Thais. (NNT)